Keelah was the elder sister of Jaylah.

Biography Edit

Jaylah & Keelah

Keelah teaching Jaylah how to fight.

After the death of her mother, Keelah trained her younger sister Jaylah in stick-fighting. She was also impressed by Jaylah's engineering skills in creating a holodisk to assist her in combat. Several years later, Keelah and the rest of the family came across Altamid. However, Keelah detected a ship coming from the planet. She then saw the ship dissolve into hundreds of smaller that attacked them, forcing a crash-landing. There she and her family were captured by Krall, Manas, and their drones, who took them to Krall's base. After her father made a escape plan, Keelah was chosen by Krall as the victim he would use to undergo his Energy transference. Jaylah and her father tried to stop him, but Manas held them back. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 5")

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