In the mirror universe, Keeler Aerospace was a Terran corporation within the Terran Empire that was established by the Keeler family. It was the largest contractor of the Imperial Starfleet and responsible for the construction of Inquisition class starships along with the DS-K series of prefabricated starbases. They owned the Mars-based Dystopia Planitia shipyards where they built Imperial navy vessels and additional sites for civilian spacecraft.

Though founded by the Keeler family, the company was eventually taken over by Chronowerx Corporation in the early 21st century. Since that time, it had moved between several owners with a shadow consortium eventually owning the corporation. Rumors spoke of Revenue Minister Harry Mudd holding a minority interest in exchange for a large bill in Keeler Aerospaces back taxes. (Decipher module: Through a Glass, Darkly)


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