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Kelly was a 23rd century Human man. He served in Starfleet as a crewman aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the decade of the 2270s.

History[edit | edit source]

In the year 2273 of the Phase II continuity, Kelly joined a landing party along with Janice Rand, Crewman Ibsen and Commander Willard Decker to search for survivors of the missing USS St. Louis on a planet in the Hyades star cluster. Debris within a hillside matched the components of Federation starship hulls, so Kelly and the others used phasers to extricate it for analysis.

Kelly and Ibsen suddenly and incongruously saw a group of women in a South Pacific-style lagoon. They succumbed to the immersive illusory experience, both removing their Starfleet uniforms and joining the women. The experience masked their life signs and forced both men to generate extremely large amounts of male androgen hormones, which the Grokhoor harvested.

A rescue party of James T. Kirk, Ilia and Leonard McCoy located Kelly, Ibsen, Rand and Decker lying comatose on slabs, fed intravenously. Kelly woke up, and lagoon imagery began to form around them all. McCoy injected estrogen into Kelly and the others to negate some of their hormone overload and "inoculate" them against further illusions. (Phase II episode: "Are Unheard Melodies Sweet?")

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