Kelrabi was a star with an associated star system, located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, within the boundaries of the space claimed by the Cardassian Union government.


Kelrabi was a type M red star, and was in the general vicinity of the late 24th century Federation-Cardassian DMZ and the McAllister C-5 Nebula. Kelrabi was the location of a number of planets, including ninth planet Kelrabi IX, the site of a well known fishery which had an exemplary restaurant. By the year 2362, Tantok Nor was located in this system. (ST novella: The Slow Knife; ST reference: Star Charts)


  • Kelrabi primary:
    • Kelrabi I
    • Kelrabi II
    • Kelrabi III
    • Kelrabi IV
    • Kelrabi V
    • Kelrabi VI
    • Kelrabi VII
    • Kelrabi VIII
    • Kelrabi IX



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