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Kenji Mishima was a male Human from Alpha Centauri III who served in Federation Starfleet as an officer in the 22nd century. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)


By 2164, Mishima held the rank of crewman and served in USS Pioneer's security department.

In June 2164, the Pioneer was tasked with learning new information about the Beta Rigel system before their admission to the Federation. During their mission, Mishima was assigned to protect the ship's historian Lieutenant Samuel Kirk, and communications officer Ensign Bodor chim Grev while they researched the Rigelian Trade Commission archives on Rigel V.

On June 17, Zami assassins working for the First Families of Rigel raided the vault and killed Mishima by throwing a knife into his chest. His colleagues were taken hostage and beamed away. Before he died he managed to deactivate one of the explosives set to destroy the archives, leaving Pioneer to find no evidence of Kirk and Grev's remains in the explosion but were in fact abducted.

When Rigelian Trade Commission councilor Jemer Zehron doubted Starfleet's innocence in the raid during, Commander Travis Mayweather assured the councilors the death of Crewman Mishima had not been faked. The chastised Zehron apologized for his insensitivity. On behalf of Mishima, Commander Mayweather accepted the apology. Mayweather noted Captain Malcolm Reed would write a letter to Mishima's mother and kid sisters on Alpha Centauri. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)



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