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Kenn Lathrop was a Maquis member who was given the rank of Crewman aboard the USS Voyager when it was thrown to the Delta Quadrant. He then became a member of the Hazard Team's Beta Squad, specializing in Intelligence and Operations.

Early Life[]

Lathrop's parents were forced to flee their homeworld of Bajor during the Cardassian occupation due to his father's outspoken political views. His father was a hunter who taught his son to depend on himself and to live off the land. But his mother, who became a pianist with the Canadian Symphony, saw to it her son was aware of the more cultured things in life such as music and dance. A dissatisfied person, even in youth, Kenn was constantly in trouble at school for fighting with classmates and showing a total lack of respect for authority.

Joining the Maquis, then Voyager[]

After a very brief career at Starfleet Academy, Lathrop joined the Maquis, finding their fight with the Cardassians a good way to release his aggressions. He was best friends with Kendrick Biessman from their days as Maquis. Lathrop was also an avid chess fan, but was routinely trounced by Naomi Wildman.

The Hazard Team[]

When Lieutenant Commander Tuvok held tryouts for the Hazard Team, Lathrop was a natural choice. He was assigned to the team's Beta Squad, and was listed as a specialist in Intelligence and Operations due to his time in the Maquis. He oversaw the extraction operation of the mission to the Scavenger base soon after Voyager was sent to the Vohrsoth's Forge.


Just before the mission ended, Kenn set up pattern enhancers so that the teammembers could beam back to the ship. Unfortunately, this allowed the Borg to beam to their location. When the Borg attempted to grab an element that the team stole from the station, Kenn was killed in the crossfire of an exchange between his team members and the invading drones. His body was beamed directly to the ship's sickbay, and was either returned to his family when the ship returned to the Alpha Quadrant, or was committed to the stars of the Delta Quadrant. (VOY video game: Elite Force)



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