Kennelly in 2368.

Vice Admiral Kennelly was a Starfleet flag officer during the 2360s.

In 2368, he was led to believe that a group of Bajoran terrorists were responsible for an attack on a Federation colony on Solarion IV. Since the colony was on the Cardassian-Federation border, Kennelly contacted the Cardassians to make sure that they weren't responsible. They convinced him that they weren't and he set a plan into motion with the Cardassians to eliminate the supposed terrorist threat. He sent Ro Laren, aboard the USS Enterprise, to carry out his plan, only to realize it was indeed the Cardassians that attacked Solarion IV and was exposed. (TNG episode: "Ensign Ro"; ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

Admiral Kennelly was taken into custody and several weeks later was awaiting a public hearing regarding his covert assistance to the Cardassians. As part of their desire to repair relations with the Cardassians due to Kennelly's actions, Starfleet granted the Detapa Council's request that two members of the Obsidian Order be allowed aboard the Enterprise to participated in its survey of sector 21305. (TNG novel: The Badlands, Part II)

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