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Kenneth Wescott was the President of the United Federation of Planets during the early 2260s. A Human male, Wescott was the youngest individual ever to be elected to that office.

Wescott served at least two terms, from 2261 to 2268, and thus was in office during much of the Klingon Cold War of the 2260s, until he signed the Organian Peace Treaty in 2267 to end the conflict. Despite popular support, he refused to run for another term in 2268, and was followed by President Lorne McLaren. (TOS novel: Errand of Fury Book 1: Seeds of Rage)

One of the meeting rooms on the 15th floor of the Palais de la Concorde is named in his honor. (novel: Star Trek: Articles of the Federation)

That President Wescott served at least two terms is established by reference to the president's re-election campaign in 2264 in the novel Vanguard: Harbinger by David Mack.

Preceded by:
President of the United Federation of Planets
Succeeded by:
Lorne McLaren


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