Insignia of the Keros Family

The Keros Family was an Orion clan and one of the ruling Five Families of Daros IV. Its senior member was a Council Lord of the Council of Trade that governed the Orion Colony.

They descended from one of the Orion trading captains who originally colonized Daros IV, and were the youngest of the Five Families. In the late 23rd century, they had extensive agricultural holdings and contracts growing important crops on over six worlds, including Eldor fruit from the Klethor system. However, over a ten period they were struck by a number of natural disasters, such as an outbreak of Eldor Fruit Rust, as well fiscal miscalculations. This weakened them financially and politically, and their holdings were taken over by competitors; their facilities tended to be the smallest and least ornately decorated. During this time, the head of the clan, or "the Keros", was Imri Keros.

As a result, they became willing to deal with Federation-based businesses. The arrival of InstellCo’s Illusion and TransSolar's Eridani Star in reference stardate 2/1412 (circa 2273), each with a cargo hold full of electronics goods to sell and hopes of a negotiating a trade agreement, proved to be a welcome boon for the Keros Family. They could grow rich reselling Federation electronic and trade goods.

As this is an RPG adventure module, the official outcome is unknown, though a successful conclusion would see TransSolar open trade with the Keros Family.

The family mansion was Keroskar. They employed a number of servants and an Orion slave girl for entertainment. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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