Keroskar, or the House of Keros was the mansion and estate of the Orion Keros Family of the Orion Colony of Daros IV.

Along with the other estates of the Five Families, it sat on the higher ground overlooking the city of Daroskelar. It was surrounded by extensively irrigated fields where crops were grown, fed by a water tank. At the center of the estate was the mansion itself, with a concrete landing pad out the front for aircars.

The mansion was a large building, three stories high and with six sides, built around a wide transparent-domed inner courtyard. It was constructed of adobe and white-washed, though there were no windows in its outside walls. The main entrance was a pair of Cetian oak doors that opened on to a broad corridor paved in marble.

Inside, the mansion was finely appointed and decorated, with brightly colored mosaics and frescoes on the walls and ceiling, with green plants regularly placed. The six-sided inner courtyard sat beneath the transparent dome, with a large fountain in the center and smaller ones in the corners, and flowering plants of many different varieties against the sides. This area was used to host banquets and entertain guests, who sat and laid in a circle of couches on one side.

Imri Keros, the head of the Keros Family, had an office at the end of a corridor running off the courtyard. It was elaborately decorated, with desk and computer terminal and plush chairs. He also had a very well-stocked drinks cabinet. However, with the Keros Family's declining fortunes in the late 23rd century, several furnishings and decorations were removed.

The house was staffed by a number of servants and an Orion slave girl.

In reference stardate 2/14 (circa 2273), Imri Keros invited the representatives of InstellCo's Illusion and TransSolar's Eridani Star to Keroskar for banquets and meetings while they discussed trade agreements with his Family. Captain Solomon Kane of the Illusion bribed at least one servant 200 credits for information on his rival's talks, and hired the slave girl to assassinate the Eridani's captain. (FASA RPG module: Orion Ruse)

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