Kesi was a Betazoid alive in the late 24th century, serving as an officer in the Federation Starfleet.


In the 2370s and 2380s decades, Kesi was assigned to the starship USS Titan as a science officer.

In the year 2380, Kesi was on the bridge at the sciences station when Captain William T. Riker ordered a manual ejection of the warp core before it was stabilized by Cadet Torvig.

Following this incident, Kesi was at the comm while Riker and Commander Tuvok were inspecting Main Engineering, and he summoned the captain and tactical officer to return to the bridge as the Orishan vessel approached. (TTN novel: Sword of Damocles)

After Titan destroyed an asteroid that would have struck the planet Droplet, the falling particles threatened to cause a mass extinction of the plankton vital to the planet's ecosystem. Kesi worked with the Syrath astrophysicist Doctor Se'al Cethente Qas to develop a particle field that would neutralize the disruptive charge in the asteroid dust and cause the total dissipation of the stored energy. (TTN novel: Over a Torrent Sea)



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