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Kessik IV was a planet in the Kessik system, in the Taurus Reach region, a world with rich dilithium resources. (VAN novel: Harbinger)

By the early 25th century, Kessik IV was associated with the Cestus sector in the Gamma Orionis sector block. In 2409, the colony was overrun by the Borg and bombarded by an Undine planet-killer. (STO mission: "A Gathering Darkness")


A Federation colony was established on Kessik IV in 2264 by the crew of the mining vessel Epimetheus, originally as an independent settlement. An attempt by Commodore Diego Reyes and Ambassador Jetanien at Vanguard to absorb the world by eminent domain and evict the colonists was overruled by the Starfleet Judge Advocate General Office in 2265. (VAN novel: Harbinger)

At some later point, the Kessik IV colony formally joined the United Federation of Planets. In 2349, B'Elanna Torres, daughter of John Torres and Miral Torres, was born on the planet, and spent much of her early life living there. (VOY episode: "Faces")

John Torres visited the planet on business in 2377, and checked on the old family home. (VOY episode: "Author, Author")

Kessik IV was one of the worlds visited by Federation President Nanietta Bacco during her goodwill tour in April of 2380. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

Death of a planet

In 2409, Federation scientists on Kessik IV were working on a counteragent to the Borg nanovirus. The Collective deployed the nanovirus on Kessik IV, which began to assimilate all organic and inorganic substances on the planet. Starfleet dispatched a friendly ship to rescue the scientists. With the help of Doctor Eric Cooper, the away team entered the Borg compound and downloaded its database. When the team retreated to the extraction point, Species 8472 troops started attacking the Borg. After capturing one Undine soldier, the Borg retreated from the system. The Undine summoned a planet-killer from Fluidic space, which fired a beam at Kessik IV, blowing the planet to pieces. (STO mission: "A Gathering Darkness")

In the novel Pathways, Kessik is misnamed as "Nessik".



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