You may also be looking for Kestra Troi or her mirror universe counterpart.

G-type star image.

Kestra is the name of a star system in the Gum Nebula, close to the Vela Association. It consisted of a G8 primary star along with five planets and a brown dwarf.

Kestra was visited by the USS Titan in 2380. A star-jelly had been born in the Kestra system and upon its death, other star-jellies took its body back to be buried on Kestra II and they invited the Titan to travel along with them. Captain William T. Riker had the honor of naming the system. He gave the honor to his wife Deanna Troi, who named it "Kestra" after her deceased sister Kestra Troi. (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds)

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