Captain Ketai Shosetsu was Human male and a United Earth Starfleet officer who served in the mid-22nd century, and during the Earth-Romulan War.

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In November 2155, Shosetsu was in command of the USS Yorktown when it left the Proxima Maintenance Yards after undergoing refit and repair after an earlier battle with Romulans near the planet Valakis.

On March 10, 2156, Shosetsu ate dinner with Captain Roy Dunsel aboard the Challenger right before the Romulans attacked Andoria. During the battle, Shosetsu commanded the Yorktown in battle as it disabled several captured Andorian Yravas-class fighters, but he was unable to help the Challenger before Dunsel destroyed his own ship in order to save Andoria. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

During the war, Shosetsu was in command of a task force into Romulan space and encountered an automated repair station of Ware origin. Remembering Jonathan Archer's reports from years earlier regarding the crew kidnapping, Captain Shosetsu didn't allow his ships to undergo repairs at the facility. Instead he decided to destroy it, however because of the war, he couldn't attempt a rescue of possible survivors. (ENT novel: Uncertain Logic)

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