A Kethni was a clan structure within Andorian society.


National boundaries are unheard of an Andor. Instead, they divide their society along complex family and clan lines. Each clan governs not so much a physical territory as an associational one, an intricate web of relationships. An Andorian feels loyalty to his family first and foremost, with these families tied together through marriage (which involves two couples) into extended clans.

This would contradict the Shelthreth and the four gendered Andorians that feature in the pocket book universe.

The clans, or Kethni, serve as local governments, social welfare organizations, and loose guilds. The keth assists those of the clan in need. Each keth also specializes in an area of expertise for which it is renowed. A strong headman or chieftain governs each clan and sits on the Andorian Council of Clans. (Decipher RPG module: Aliens)

Known KethsEdit

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