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The Kettaract research station was a facility that existed in the 23rd century.

History and specificsEdit

Constructed by the United Federation of Planets, this station was tasked with the secret study and development of the Omega molecule with the research being pioneered by Doctor Bendes Kettaract.

On Stardate 7492.1, the research station was occupied by the rogue Vulcan T'Uerell who had occupied the station and deployed a number of dampening field emitting stations in the defense grid whilst she attempted to harness the power of the Omega molecule. With the loss of communication with the station, Starfleet dispatched Admiral James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise along with a task force to retake the station with their orders highlighting the utmost importance of Kettaract to Starfleet.

Upon arriving in the outskirsts of the system, the ships under the command of Captain Somerset were destroyed by the dampening field weapons which focused powerful energy weapons that destroyed their vessels. After an analysis by their sensors, Admiral Kirk learnt that the Dampener stations were composed of solid neutronium which made them impervious to a conventional attack forcing the task force to disable the defense grid first before they could approach the research station.

Kirk's plan was ultimately a success with the task force causing an overload to the dampener network in the region. As they approached the station, they discovered a vessel of unknown design that was being constructed by T'Uerell. At was at this point they confronted T'Uerell who claimed that the power of Omega was now hers and that she was going to destroy Kirk as well as his forces. She departed the region leaving her prototype vessel to attack the Starfleet force. Their assault of the ship damaged its power source which was actually the Omega molecule which brought about a destabilization in its resonance chamber. This led to a powerful explosion that destroyed the system as well as the research station.

In the aftermath of the terrible destruction, Admiral Kirk submitted his report of the Kettaract Incident and, after learning of the Omega particle research, advised that all information of it being classified in order to prevent a similar such incident from occuring again. This was because the destruction of the molecule had caused a rip in subspace over a three light year radius in the Lantaru sector. This led to the development of a commission which was tasked with the formation of a new Directive that covered the development of the Omega particle. (ST video game: Legacy (game))



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