Kevin was a Teenaxi male. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond; TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 10")

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In 2263, Kevin was one of two that attacked Fibonan "spy", Captain James T. Kirk and beamed aboard the USS Enterprise. There, they met Nyota Uhura. He then went to Starbase Yorktown, where he found the Federation to be a peaceful and vibrant society. He also saw that Kirk was no spy. While his name is unpronounceable in English, the closest translation was "Kevin". He started wearing Starfleet uniforms (albeit without pants) as a gesture of goodwill, as he made clear he had not pledged his allegiance to the Federation.

Following the destruction of the Enterprise at Altamid, Kevin then attended Kirk's birthday party. There, he was impressed with Mr. Scott's drinking. Kevin then stayed at the starbase to work on the new USS Enterprise-A alongside Keenser. When asked by Scott regarding a possibility of joining the Starfleet Academy, Kevin stated it was already difficult enough to convince the Teenaxi to let him spend time with the Starfleet officers, so he couldn't count on it. Still, Scott insisted Kevin could ask the Teenaxi delegation that would visit Yorktown the following day. Kevin helped the delegation's plan to sabotage the Enterprise and show the Teenaxi's superiority, while simultaneously duping them: the Teenaxi asked for "the center of the ship's power", and Kevin made them steal the captain's chair. Angered, they threatened to kill Kevin, who was quickly teleported back to the Yorktown. As Scotty prepared to return with the cadets to San Francisco, he again asked Kevin to go along. The Teenaxi replied he wanted to continue with Keenser, while stating he was now an outcast who cannot go back. Scotty just said to give them time while Kevin resumed his work on the ship. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond; TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 10")

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