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This page details Keyla Detmer in the primary universe; for the Keyla Detmer in the mirror universe see Keyla Detmer (mirror).

Keyla Detmer was a female Human who lived in the 23rd century, serving in the Federation Starfleet as an officer. She was originally from Düsseldorf, Germany.


When Detmer was a little girl, she used draw herself on outer space adventures. She used to call herself Captain Keyla, the Starfleeter. In her adventures, she would explore new worlds and fly around in her own personalized version of the USS Enterprise. (DSC - Adventures in the 32nd Century comic: "Issue 3")

By the time she was 12, she had earned her pilot's license. (DSC episode: "New Eden")

By 2255, Ensign Detmer served as the helmsman of the USS Shenzhou under the command of Captain Philippa Georgiou. (DSC novel: Desperate Hours)

In the course of the next year, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade, and she piloted the Shenzhou in the opening engagement of the war against the Klingon Empire. (DSC episodes: "The Vulcan Hello", "Battle at the Binary Stars")

In the wake of the battle, she was promoted to full lieutenant, and despite the serious injuries that she suffered on her face, she was assigned to the USS Discovery under the command of Captain Gabriel Lorca. (DSC episode: "Context Is for Kings")

Following the hijacking and retaking of Discovery from Emerald Chain Minister Osyraa, Detmer was promoted to Lieutenant commander. She continued to serve aboard Discovery under Captain Michael Burnham. (DSC episodes: "That Hope Is You, Part 2", "Kobayashi Maru")

She also had her cranial implant replaced with a smaller one. (DSC - Adventures in the 32nd Century comic: "Issue 3")



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