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The Death Boot-class was a Klingon class IX cruiser starship design in use by the Imperial Defense Force in the 23rd century. (ST video game: Legacy)


This cruiser class was outfitted with type KWF-1 warp engines, type KIE-2 impulse engines, and type KSL deflector shields. It was designed to combine high maneuverability with maximum firepower, resulting in a rare design in which the warp nacelles were placed above the vessel. She was armed with four type KP-5 photon torpedoes mounted in pairs and six type KD-9 disruptors mounted in pairs. She carried 250 troops, a crew of 420, and up to 15,000 metric tons of cargo.

The D12B variant class was armed with one pair of the more powerful type KP-6 photon torpedoes and six type KD-13 disruptors mounted in pairs. She also carried 250 troops, but had a crew of 440. (Stardate Magazine vol. 3, Issue 6: "Klingon D-12 (Death Boot) Class IX Cruiser")

Another variant lacked photon torpedo banks, had its engines placed in the traditional location under the vessel, and was built with a more standard-looking forward section. However, it still had a stronger hull, faster engines and more firepower than a D7-class. (ST reference: Star Trek Legacy Prima Official Game Guide)

Its class name came about in an unusual way. The ship's designer was aboard a Riskadh-class starship during the brief Federation-Klingon War of 2267 and overheard an enemy Starfleet CO attempt to insult the Klingon captain using the English phase "your mother wears army boots". A compliment for a Klingon, the klingonaase translation included the word kh'exrilin, or "footgear of death". When it came time to name the new ship class, the designer was inspired by the incident to suggest that name. (Stardate Magazine vol. 3, Issue 6: "Klingon D-12 (Death Boot) Class IX Cruiser")

Service history and disposition

The Kh'exrilin-class entered service in the mid-2280s, on reference stardate 2/2209. Rated with 10% additional firepower, the D-12B variant entered service in the late 2280s, on reference stardate 2/2306.

An unconfirmed report stated that the personnel aboard one D12A defected to the Imperial Klingon States.

As of the late 2280s, Starfleet Intelligence believed twelve D12As and eight D12Bs had been built at shipyards located at Mustaka or Z'Hai. SI believed they were deployed along the Klingon-Romulan border or toward the galactic core. At the time, the D12 had yet to be spotted near the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone. (Stardate Magazine vol. 3, Issue 6: "Klingon D-12 (Death Boot) Class IX Cruiser")



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