Khaaarr was a general in the Gorn Space Command. He was also a member of the Black Crest and a supporter of Warlord Slessshh. (TNG comic: "The Gorn Crisis")

History[edit | edit source]

Khaaarr went along with Slessshh and the Black Crest as he executed a coup against the political caste. Khaaarr then went to his ship to command the Gorn war fleet following Slessshh's orders. After leaving Gornar, Khaaarr divided his forces; one would attack the Federation colony on Cestus III, while his own division would attack the garrison on Elkauron II. Slessshh reminded him to annihilate any Federation outpost in their territory. After Cestus III was taken, he proceeded to attack the Elkauron II garrison. Unfortunately, Khaaarr and his division were defeated and captured by Starfleet Commander Riker, Klingon Commander Qyrll, and their crews. (TNG comic: "The Gorn Crisis")

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