The Khak'ma was an intelligence agency created by the Klingon race following the conquest of their homeworld of Qo'noS by the Terran Empire. Prior to that point, the Klingon people despised the use of assassination, sabotage and similar such operations. However, their war with the Terran people forced them to adopt new techniques which saw they hire instructors from the Orion Cabal in order to train among the best covert operatives in the quadrant with it surpassing the Tal Shiar. Among its heads was a ferocious warrior known as the Albino who headed its operations.

It was known that the organization made use of aliens amongst its ranks who were paid for information gathering activities. Officers of the Khak'ma regularly tricked the Terran security forces by making them believe that their activities were the result of internal conspiracies within their empire. This often led to Terran security believing that the Khak'ma were either serving T'Pau or a Human Senator in bringing about a coup. In 2266, operatives from the Khak'ma informed Emperor Kor of the Terran Empire's agenda to strike against the Cardassians leading to Klingon involvement to aid the Cardassian Union. Several of the agency's operatives were captured and turned by Samuel T. Cogley in 2273.

Among their greatest accomplishment was the detonation of bombs on the moon Praxis which devastated the surface of Qo'noS. This allowed vessels to strafe the surface and eliminate Terran colonists thus allowing the Klingons to reclaim their homeworld. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

The agency appears to be the Mirror Universe counterpart to Imperial Intelligence.
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