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The origin of STAR TREK's greatest villain continues here, in this all-new mini-series overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci! Witness the never-before-seen outbreak of the legendary Eugenics Wars and behold Khan Noonien Singh's brutal rise to power, as the secret history of the future is finally revealed!


Starfleet Headqarters in San Francisco, James T. Kirk is having a hard time believing Khan’s tale, but Khan simply insists that the truth is the truth and that there were many of these secret facilities throughout the world. Khan further explains how he and the other augments infiltrated governments and other important places in order to get a foothold for their ultimate goal.

Khan then explains the plan to take over and split the world into seven regions of control, each with an augment leader; North America, South America, Eastern Asia, Australia and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central Asia and the Middle East. The council of leaders agrees to use nuclear weapons to destroy both Washington D.C. and Moscow, the capitals of the two most powerful nations of the time on September 17, 1992. While the word recoiled from the attacks, the augments took over television signals and declared their intent to take control over the Earth. They present two options; accept their rule or go to war with an enemy they cannot see.

When the inevitable war began, leaders were assassinated by agents seeded in the world’s governments, and destructive war machines created through their enhanced intelligence quickly wiped away all opposition. In three weeks, most of the world’s governments had fallen with the rest well on their way. Noonien himself single handedly took on an entire platoon of soldiers in his home of New Delhi on the last day of fighting, after which he gives himself a new name, one that symbolized his new power: Khan.



Khan Noonien SinghSpockJames T. KirkSamuel CogleyKhan Noonien SinghAlexander NewtonAsahf FerrisVerity ChengBernard MaltuvisAma OwusuJohn EricssenJohn Major
Referenced only
Bill Clinton

Starships and vehicles


Starfleet HeadquartersSan FranciscoEarthCheyenne MountainParisNew DehliIndiaMoscowWashington, DCWhite HouseVirginiaChicago
Referenced only
AsiaMiddle EastNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAustraliaAfricaEuropeIsrael

Races and cultures

Human (Brit) • VulcanAugment

States and organizations

North American Aerospace Defense CommandIndian National Air Command • Augment Council • BBCNorth American CoalitionSouth American UnionEuropean TerritoriesCentral Asian UnionEast Asian UnionUnited AfricaAustralasia

Technology and weapons

telemetry controlNuclear missiletankzeppelin

Ranks and titles

lieutenantgeneralcaptainPrime MinisterpresidentKhan

Other references

Genetic engineering20th century23rd centuryEiffel TowerCricketWashington MonumentSears Towerflag
Referenced only


September 17 1992 (According to Khan)
Attack on Washington, DC and Moscow.
September 3 2259
Khan's trial.
October 8 1992
The Augments have taken over forty nations.


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