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It's the climactic chapter of the origin of Star Trek’s greatest villain! But how did he come to be called "John Harrison"? How did his vendetta against Admiral Marcus and Section 31 begin? All is revealed in this all-new story overseen by Star Trek Into Darkness writer/producer Roberto Orci!


Previously in STAR TREK: KHAN...
John Harrison, an agent of Starfleet's black-ops unit Section 31, is sent by Commander Alexander Marcus on a mission into Klingon space to destroy the Empire's mining facility on the moon Praxis. Harrison succeeds, but in doing so, his mind is flooded with memories of his true identity: Khan Noonien Singh. Realizing that his body and mind altered by Marcus, Khan now returns to Earth to seek vengeance...

Over James T. Kirk's incredulity, Khan resumes his tale. Returning to the Io Facility, Khan recalls feeling only rage at his circumstances when he spoke to Alexander Marcus. Using his full access to the Section 31 computer, Khan managed to locate his missing crew in London, even if he could find no records of how they came to be there. Impersonating Marcus, Khan sent an order to conceal the seventy-two remaining cryotubes in the new torpedoes to be shipped out to a vessel that Khan has commandeered to resume their exile. Before departing however, Khan had to know the full story. In San Francisco, Khan meets Marcus in his apartment, demanding to know how he came to be in Section 31's care.

Telling the tale, Marcus explains that following the Destruction of Vulcan, Section 31 dispatched several vessels to the furthest regions of the galaxy to scout for new threats and discover useful resources. And one of these vessels, the USS Vanguard, found the SS Botany Bay. Once Section 31 discovered the origin of the ship and its passengers, it was towed back to Io. Hoping to turn the Augments to their cause, Section 31 thawed Khan, reconstructed his face into a Northern European appearance and wiped his memory as a trial run.

Enraged, Khan lunges at Marcus only to stand down when he notices the targeting beams of two gunships. Released, Marcus reveals that he has intercepted all seventy-two torpedoes and makes an attempt to appeal to Khan, noting that the galactic war that is brewing is exactly what the Augments were built to do, even offering them a planet. Unmoved, Khan beams out, swearing revenge.

In the present day, Khan ends his tale and sentence is passed. But the verdict does not sit well with Kirk who highlights to Spock that everything Khan said was self-serving, painting himself as the tragic hero of a story that they have no way of verifying. And as he notes to his XO, it seems to have worked. Because Khan's only desire was to be reunited with his crew.

And by returning him to cryogenic storage, the Federation seems to have done just that.



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