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Publisher's description

From solicitations
It's all-out war on Ceti Alpha V! Reeling from last issue's devastating loss, Khan Noonien Singh rallies his troops for the ultimate battle for control of their world! The final missing piece of Khan's life between "Space Seed" and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is at last revealed!


For the first time since the cataclysm, the Augments have a purpose again: War. As Khan's followers cannibalize their settlement for raw materials, Joachim scouts out Tamas's hiding place. Though successful, he gives his presence away alerting their foes of the attack to come.

The two armies meet on the dusty plane and a fierce fight breaks out. Khan pushes through the ranks to confront Tamas directly. Though Tamas attempts to justify his actions, Khan is uninterested, swiftly proving his former subordinate's better in combat before unceremoniously impaling him. Inspecting the cave, Khan quickly sees the naturally growing fungi and the fresh water supply. They now have a second shelter, the power generator and food. Perhaps Tamas's legacy may yet serve them well.

Returning to the camp, Khan distastefully eyes the Starfleet insignia embedded in the doorway. Prying it from the wall, he fashions the delta badge into a necklace. If he and his people are nothing but Starfleet's discarded trash, they may as well look the part.

Days pass. And those days become months and the months become years. Years of a maddeningly quiet life, a life with no import and steadily worsening conditions. And before long 2267 has become 2285. As the Augments hunt, they witness the distant flash of a transporter. Rushing through the storm, they arrive in time to see two men exiting their settlement.

The hour of deliverance has come at last.



Khan Noonien SinghJoachimTamasClark TerrellPavel Chekov


Ceti Alpha V

Races and cultures

Human (Augment)

States and organizations


Science and technoloy

TransporterPower generator



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Khan: Ruling in Hell, Issue 3
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Khan: Ruling in Hell
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Final issue of the series
Story continues in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


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