Khosarr was an ancient Vulcan war god that existed within their civilization mythology. Within those old beliefs, it was known that Khosarr possessed a consort in the form of the goddess Akraana. This deity was noted for his fierce and hawklike countenance as well as being muscular and known for his strength. He had long black hair which was tied with a green thong and allowed to stream down his naked back. The Vulcan god was typically deressed in a green mesh loincloth and carried a shield which was colored dark green which was the color of war.

In September of 2287 on Stardate 8464.1, after journeying through the galactic barrier to the mythical land of Sha Ka Ree, Sybok saw The One who took on the appearance of Khosarr before adopting the shape of the deities consort Akraana whereupon it took on the form of Lia. (TOS novelization: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

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