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In an alternate reality, the Khunds were a civilization of sentient humanoid lifeforms. In this reality, the Khunds were primarily a warrior race, large, with pale magenta skin coloration.

By this reality's 30th century, the Khunds were enemies of the United Planets.

In another reality created by a time-distortion, the Khunds were enemies of the Imperial Planets, a 23rd century organization with an agenda of galactic oppression and domination. The Emperor of the Imperial Planets of Terra gave a speech to his subjects about the Khund threat, how his government had saved Terra by encouraging hostilities between the Khunds and the Klingons. With both warrior species involved in bitter and violent fighting, neither side would cause trouble for the empire of the Humans. (TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 2")

The Legion's universe became crossed with the Star Trek universe due to a time distortion, so it is not clear if there is a Star Trek universe version of the Khunds.

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