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Kinbar[1] was star, a white[2] class F[2] star with an associated star system. The Kinbar system was located within a class T[1] nebula[2] in the Markonia sector[2] and Tekara sector block[2] of the galaxy's Delta Quadrant[1]. Kinbar hosted asteroids, micronebulae and twelve planets, including three class M worlds.[2] (ST reference: Star Charts, STO - Taking Care of Enemies mission: "Tempting Targets")


The Markonia sector in 2410.

In the 2370s decade, the Kinbar system was located in unclaimed space between the territories of the Turei, Hierarchy and Markonians. It was close to as class T nebula under Hierarchy control. (ST reference: Star Charts)

When the Delta Alliance expanded into the Delta Quadrant, astrography placed the Kinbar system in the Markonia sector of the Tekara sector block, part of the larger Delta Quadrant sector block. The system was under Hierarchy control and located within a large regional nebula. (STO - Taking Care of Enemies mission: "Tempting Targets")


The wayward Federation Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager made first contact with the Kinbori and other cultures aboard the Markonian Outpost, a regional trading station, in 2376. (VOY episode: "Survival Instinct")

Voyager bypassed the class T nebula near the Kinbar system after an Overlooker warned the Doctor of a Hierarchy trap. (VOY episode: "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy")

When Starfleet returned to the Delta Quadrant in 2379, the class T nebula near Kinbar in Hierarchy space was an area of interest. (Star Trek Adventures module: Delta Quadrant Sourcebook)

By the early 25th century, Kinbar had become another major trading hub in the region. In the 2410s, the Hierarchy operated a trading station in orbit of Kinbar VIII and begun to exploit the ground beneath Kinbar XII's lush forests for mining operations, but the Overlookers did not colonize any other of the worlds in the system. (STO - The Delta Quadrant mission: "Taking Care of Enemies")

In 2410, the Hierarchy station acted as intermediary between visiting parties, including Hazari, Turei and Talaxians. The Voth acted as escorts because the Turei were a Voth protectorate. Trade was conducted by using Mislenite freighters of various configurations. They made tempting targets to Vaadwaur, Malon and Hirogen raiders and pirates. In that year, a Delta Alliance starship arrived and offered to escort some of the convoys in an effort to foster goodwill and gain additional members for the alliance. Attacks from pirates were repelled by the joint Alliance-Voth forces, thus accomplishing the mission. (STO - Taking Care of Enemies mission: "Tempting Targets")

System makeup[]

Kinbar system



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