The King Snake-class was a class of starship that was used by the Gorn in the late 23rd century. The primary function of this design was as a frigate vessel, although there were numerous configuration fulfilling a number of different mission profiles. The vessels all had in common a hull configuration of a large sideways cylinder with two forward-facing spires, and were generally equipped with phasers, plasma torpedoes and a complement of marines. (TOS video games: Starfleet Command, Klingon Academy)


Known vesselsEdit

Gorn destroyer (DD), advanced destroyer (DD+), Gorn fleet destroyer (DDF) 
Gorn commando destroyer (DDG), advanced commando destroyer (DDG+) 
Double ThunderDragonbaneDragon's HeartDragon's FireMercy Killer
Gorn destroyer leader (DDL), advanced destroyer leader (DDL+) 
Black RhinoHorned RhinoProwlerRagged RhinoRhinoThornTuskWhiplashWhite RhinoWing
Gorn battle destroyer (BDD), advanced battle destroyer (BDD+) 
BonecrusherEradicatorFerociousFire LizzardHeroIron HideKalessinNajaRajathSaurianSmasherSnarlSpinecrusherStrongarmThecosThunderboltVigorousWhiptailWyrmYevaud
Gorn battle commando destroyer (BDG), advanced battle commando destroyer (BDG+) 
DragoDragon's BreathVanquish EvilVanquish Invader
Gorn battle destroyer leader (BDL), advanced battle destroyer leader (BDL+) 
FafnirGalagaGrand FinaleHunterIron FangSerpent's Tooth
Gorn police frigate (FF), advanced police frigate (FF+) 
Iron WillMercy KillerMortal StrikeOne TimeProven SlayerShock ForceSteel JawsUltimate WrathWrathful Judge


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