The King of Greater Andoria was the title given to the hereditary ruler of the planet Andor. This strong central figure was credited for keeping the peace among the often violent Andorians for centuries.

In the early 24th century, King Thurl agreed to abdicate the throne and give his crown to Collev in return for a large financial sum. In 2365, following the deaths of Collev and his son and heir, Bregev, Thurl's son, Yevan, returned to Andor to claim the throne. One of his initial acts was to declare a popular vote to determine whether or not to abolish the monarchy. The landslide results called for a more democratic form of government. (TNG - Enterprise Logs short story: "The Captain and the King")

This depiction of the Andorian government would seem at odds with the depiction in the DS9 novel Andor: Paradigm, which shows a long-established Parliament Andoria and a Chancellor of the Andorian Empire. It also seems curious that a founding member of the Federation would be as undemocratic as the Andorian state in this story, particularly into the mid 24th century.
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