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Kiona Thayer was a Human female serving in the United Earth Starfleet in the 22nd century. She was born in Quebec.


In 2155, Thayer had attained the rank of lieutenant and was serving as senior weapons officer aboard the Columbia (NX-02). (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

After the Columbia personnel were held captive in the Caeliar city of Axion on Erigol, Thayer betrayed Captain Erika Hernandez and allied with the MACOs to attempt an escape. She suggested making two coordinated strikes on the Great Work machines in other cities as a distraction, seizing one and detonating explosives to damage another. However, the MACOs decided she was useful as a decoy, and Sergeant Gage Pembleton shot her foot so that the peaceful Caeliar would act to help them rather than allow her to be harmed further. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

After a massive feedback pulse through the Great Work caused the planet to destabilize, the meddling of the mutineers threw the entire system for creating subspace tunnels off, resulting in the destruction of a significant portion of the Caeliar's city-ships. The city Thayer and the other mutineers were in, Mantilis, managed to escape and crash land on an unknown planet in the far reaches of the universe, but all but twelve Caeliar gave their lives to protect the away team members.

The ship entered a temporal anomaly and crashed into an arctic wasteland several millenia before the present. Of the six rebels, Thayer was one of the last three to survive. Finally, she and fellow crew member Karl Graylock were possessed by the last surviving Caeliar, Sedín. Under her control, they killed and ate Pembleton to survive. The fusion between human and Caeliar produced the first Borg, and they promptly started assimilating the sentient natives of the planet on which they had crashed. Thayer therefore became one of the two ancestors of all Borg, as well as the predecessor to the Borg Queen.

It is unknown what happened to her afterward, but considering that more Borg Queens were created over the next six thousand years, it is likely that she was destroyed or disposed of at some point (at least physically). (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)



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