Kira could refer to:

members of the Kira family
  • Kira Taban, the husband of Meru and father of Nerys.
  • Kira Meru, the wife of Taban and mother of Nerys
    • Kira Nerys, a former member of the Bajoran Resistance as part of the Shakaar resistance cell, later executive officer and then commanding officer of the Federation starbase Deep Space 9 as a member of the Bajoran Militia and later Starfleet. Went on to become a vedek in the Bajoran clergy.
    • Kira Reon, younger brother of Nerys and older brother of Pohl.
    • Kira Pohl, younger brother of Nerys and Reon.
  • Kira Taban (mirror), the Taban of the mirror universe.
  • Kira Meru (mirror), the Meru of the mirror universe.
    • Kira Nerys (mirror), the Nerys of the mirror universe. A member of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance as the Intendant of Bajor.
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