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The Kisaja were a species native to the Alpha Quadrant, and by the 23rd century were members of the First Federation. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)


Kisaja were generally humanoid with metallic-gold colored skin, very large deep-colored eyes and an elongated, thinly-furred head. They evolved on a planet with dim light from a cool red dwarf star.

Although they are telepathic and easily able to perceive surface thoughts, they were unable to read deeper thoughts without openness and willingness from the other person. They were avid listeners, picked up languages very easily, and communicated with each other through a combination of spoken language and telepathy.

Kisaja were sociable and chose to live close together in densely-packed cities with wide-open windows. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)


The Kisaja were once a slave race of the Dassik, but joined a resistance movement with the Linnik and other species to emancipate themselves.

Since around 9,700 B.C, surviving Kisaja have resided in a biome module within the Web of Worlds hidden within the atmosphere of the planet Cherela.

In the 2260s, prominent Kisaja citizens included Chief Protector Nisu Miratuli, who reported directly to the Council of the First Federation; Mure, warden of the penal module Nepara; and Vulo, a security officer. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)

Known individuals[]

  • Nisu Miratuli
  • Mure
  • Vulo