Ensign Kiska LoMar was a female Bajoran Starfleet officer active in the late 24th century.

Born on Bajor, LoMar entered Starfleet Academy upon eligibility and excelled in her studies. She was the recipients of the Starfleet Academy Merit Scholarship all four years of her attendance, and was inducted into the Sigma Theta Theta Honor Society, eventually graduating fourth of three hundred thirty two cadets.

In 2377, immediately following her graduation, she was assigned to the USS Dauntless as a Bridge helmsman. Captain Robert Wright wrote her six month review, giving her service glowing praise. but noting her strong resentment towards Cardassians could become a weakness in her personality. Additionally, tactical officer Lieutenant Felix Savali wrote a recommendation, noting her strong skills and capabilities in starship maneuvering. The two officers often had professional meetings, made easy by Kiska's intuitive understanding of battle tactics. Savali even recommended considering transferring to the tactical department. Based on their reviews, she was promoted to second senior helm officer.

In 2378, the Dauntless was caught up in a rebellion within the Cardassian Union, and was attacked by four craft. After taking considerable damage causing her hull to buckle, all officers of the Dauntless were transferred to the USS Sovereign. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)

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