Klar was a male Human, the son of Arava and Baatin al-Halak. Out of fear for the child's safety, the fact of his existence was a guarded secret, known only to Arava, her brother-in-law Samir al-Halak, their old nanny Dalal, and Mahfouz Qadir, Arava's employer with the Asfar Qatala. In 2336, Talma Pren befriended Arava and also became aware of Klar.

In 2336, Klar and Arava were briefly held captive by the Asfar Qatala, in order to gain the help of Halak in finding an interdimensional portal. They were later released when Captain Rachel Garrett of the USS Enterprise-C became aware of the situation, and after Halak renounced any claims his family had against Qadir. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

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