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In an alternate timeline known as the Protectorate's timeline, the Klingon-Andorian Compact was an interstellar alliance formed into a nation-state between the Klingons of the Klingon Empire and the Andorians of the Andorian Empire. In this reality, Humans died out in the 1950s decade (see Miri's World), hence there was no Jonathan Archer to help the Vulcans rediscover the Kir'Shara and they became a militaristic and dogmatic culture who conquered Andoria. (TOS episode & novelization: Miri; ENT episode & novelization: Awakening; DTI novel: Forgotten History)

History and specifics

In the 22nd century, the militaristic administrator of the Vulcan High Command, V'Las, collaborated with the Romulans to instigate war with the Andorians. After Ambassador Soval's assassination on Paan Mokar the peace talks with the Andorians failed. The Vulcan Muroc subsequently led a guerilla war against them and drove the occupiers off. He was appointed fleet commander in the invasion of Andor. Andor was conquered and a puppet government installed.

The Vulcan Protectorate was a rival of the Klingon-Andorian Compact, an alliance formed to counter Vulcan influence in local space. Technologically, both states were behind the Federation of the primary universe, due to the lack of multispecies cooperation. However, ships of the KAC appeared as a combination of Klingon and Andorian designs.

At some point, the KAC fought in the War of Kentin.

By 2274 the Vulcan Protectorate also controlled Coridan III and Paan Mokar and had acquired Vedala technology. In that year, the VHC Muroc accidentally traded its place with the Federation starship USS Enterprise from the primary universe due to the Vedalan technology. The Vulcans were hostile to the Federation starship, which sought refuge in the uninhabited Sol system before making overtures to the Klingon-Andorian Compact.

Following a battle between the Protectorate and the KAC over the Enterprise and the Vedala technology, the Federation starship and the Muroc were able to return to their respective universes.

Vulcan aggression forced the Enterprise to seek refuge with the KAC. The KAC helped repair the Federation ship but failed to seize it before the crew made its escape from Chasav III.

In 2275, the appearance of the Timeship Two threatened the barrier between the Protectorate's timeline and the prime universe. Commander T'Pring and her ship from the year 2383 intervened when the Compact warship Thorn of Justice attacked the USS Enterprise. T'Pring worked with Captain Spock and other parties to repair the temporal damage.

Following the recovery of the Kir'Shara artifact, the Vulcans found peace within themselves and with other peoples, truly reforming the Romulans as well. Andor was given independence and a detente was reached with the KAC around 2293, after the Klingons had to accept the Vulcans' aid during a crisis

Following the peace between the Protectorate and the KAC, an extremist group of KAC terrorists retained their hostile stance against the Vulcans. Due to interspecies cooperation, the Protectorate outpaced these extremists technologically and were able contain them except for isolated acts of terrorism. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)


planet/system state species membership notes
Andor Andorian Empire Andorians, Aenar mid-22nd century until ca. 2275-2383 Andor controlled by Vulcan Protectorate
Aulac Aulacri by 2270s
Chasav III by 2270s site of a shipyard and regional capital
Elas Elasians by 2270s
Lorillia Lorillians by 2270s
Nausicaa Nausicaans by 2270s
Orions Orion Syndicate 22nd century
Risa Risans by 2270s
Suliban by 2270s
Troyius Troyians by 2270s
Qo'noS Klingon Empire Klingons formation ca. 22nd century dominant species



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