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Klingon Academy is a space simulator game set before the The Undiscovered Country which puts the player in the Klingon Academy running training simulations for General Chang.

The player is put through a theoretical training simulations in what is a war against the Federation, ending in an invasion of the Sol system and getting to track down the USS Enterprise.

After graduating from the academy General Chang calls on you to perform covert operations and also deal with the latest outbreak in civil war among the Klingon Empire, helping to get Gorkon declared Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

Features Christopher Plummer and David Warner reprising their roles as General Chang and Gorkon in the FMV sequences, and Michael Dorn (Worf) playing Colonel Worf's younger brother, Thok Mak.

Story Synopsis




ChangGorkonK'MakMelkorPoktarlThok MakTorlek


Hikaru Sulu (simulation) • James T. Kirk (simulation) • KalnorK'makK'mpecLorakQ'roghTarkaghWorf



USS AamotAkula-classUSS AkulaUSS AnacondaUSS ArcusUSS ArmstrongUSS AvalancheUSS BantingUSS BooneUSS CallahanUSS CarterUSS CarverUSS ChagarisUSS ChantlandUSS ConcordUSS CoultripUSS DeckerUSS DelboraUSS DvorakUSS EagleUSS ExodusUSS FarragutUSS FesoanUSS FreedomUSS FullerUSS GladstoneUSS HakikiUSS HaroldUSS HarttUSS HernandezUSS HornetUSS HuntingtonUSS HurricaneUSS IcelandUSS KelleghanUSS KestralUSS KollmansbergerUSS LexingtonUSS Lor'VelaUSS LucasUSS McLaffertyUSS MitchellUSS MissouriUSS MurakamiUSS OmahaUSS PanettiereUSS RangerUSS RauerUSS RegaladoUSS RepublicUSS SalazarUSS ShrasUSS SomersUSS TamorraUSS TasmaniaUSS TempestUSS ThelevUSS Tian Nan ManUSS TiconderogaUSS TigressUSS UlyssesUSS VengeanceGorazMerSus'a'
IKS ChuvanIKS HopoghIKS IaSwarch bepIKS mupwIIKS yotlhovIKS chenQuaw'IKS DowlquyIKS HIjoIKS Lon Tui

Starship Classes

Accuser-classAlpha-classCenturion-classConstitution-classD6-classEmperor-classExcelsior-classImperial Hawk-classImperium-classInsurrection-classLegion-classLexington-classLong Fang-classMissouri-classOkinawa-classPraex-classRelentless-classSenator-classSuspicious-classSword of Kahless-classWareagle-classWarrior's Anger-class


Stars and systems

Eisenhower systemGareth Nar/Gareth Nor systemJanus systemKrios systemPetras systemSol systemTal'Ihnor GatesPatton systemPiachi systemDe GaulleBernardHalseyTheta OmicronRegula systemSommeOmega GammaTaharakChaj DaqGorth'narQltlh VaSQuQ HeymJo'HoDlnDu'chigh DoghiqJupawgh systemBritannia systemGamma Ceti


EarthQo'noSPraxisYpres IIIBritannia III


Elite Command AcademyHall of Warriors

Space stations

Qo'noS StarbaseSchroeder Dry dockRegula I Science FacilityResten Mobile baseQltlh VaS StarbaseKat'va mobile repair facilityQojup Mobile BaseqvaQ StarbaseDoHInup Battlestation


Klingon Neutral ZoneFederation Probe NetThaleris asteroid beltRegula nebulaghl'tlh star clusterTal'Ihnor nebula



States and Organizations

Gorn Star KingdomGorn Royal NavyKlingon EmpireExterior MinistryKlingon Imperial NavyGho'vaD Defense FleetHegh yan Strike FleetHouse of G'IoghRoptargh Heavy Assault FleetSuk'valt Strike FleetQabjech Exploratory FleetQo'noS Home FleetRomulan Star EmpireImperial Romulan SenateSha'Kurian Ducal TerritoriesSha'Kurian House of LordsTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of PlanetsStarfleetAndorian Republic


antimatter field projectorassault phaserbrigadiercadetcaptainChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon EmpireChief of Staffcloaking deviceCodex of VaksuucolonelcommanderEmperor of the Klingon EmpiregeneralGenesis Deviceghoch SeH Campaigngravitic harmonic resonator cannonheavy disruptorHeart of VirtuehonorImperial Arbitrator of the High CouncilImpulse Velocity ProjectilesKot'baval FestivalMilitary AdvisernaQjej SIS'a' HIv DoctrineOrganian Peace Treatyquantum carrier-wave beamsensortegh poqet CrisisToken of the Mek'lethtractor beamtransporterwarp drive


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