Klingon Empire

Emblem of the Klingon Empire.

The Klingon Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets is the individual in the government of the Klingon Empire charged with maintaining the Empire's diplomatic mission to the Federation and representing both the Empire's interests to the UFP and the Federation's stances to the Empire. The position is often politically-charged and the topic of struggles between factions on the High Council of the Klingon Empire, though the ambassador is officially appointed by the Chancellor. The Empire sometimes dispatches ambassadors to Federation Member States and ambassadors-at-large who work under the ambassador to the Federation. The Klingon Ambassador to the Federation resides in the Klingon Embassy on Earth.

Notable Klingon Ambassadors to the Federation have included Kamarag and K'mtok. (Articles of the Federation, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Klingon Ambassadors to the United Federation of Planets
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