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Klingon Civil War is a story-arc episode, a chain of cross-faction missions in Star Trek Online. The player participates in the Klingon Civil War of 2411 where the Klingon Empire becomes the battlefield between forces loyal to Chancellor J'mpok and those of the time-displaced House of Mo'Kai, led by Matriarch J'Ula.

The Klingon Civil War is preceded by the episode "J'Ula's Discovery".


The conflict between J'mpok and J'Ula heats up as sides are chosen for the future of the Klingon Empire.

List of missions

  • "The Centre Cannot Hold"
  • "Clash Above Ceron"
    • Loyalists and Mo'Kai forces engage in a battle in the Ceron system. The Mo'Kai ships and their 25th century allies are a match for contemporary Klingon Defense Force ships.
  • "Strike at Seedea"
    • Using their computer virus, House Mo'Kai turns Starfleet ships against Seedea Base. Allies briefly restore their control before another virus blows up the space station.
  • "Trouble over Terrh"
    • The Mo'Kai open a mycelial rift in the Terrh system, within Romulan Republic space. The Alliance's effort to close it fail but they receive assistance from Awakened Elachi. Alliance ships defend the FEV Liberator from Elachi aggravated by Klingon hargh'peng radiation until the Awakened have closed the rift to the mycelial network.
  • "The Khitomer Discord"
    • The Khitomer Alliance convenes a conference on Khitomer II. General Martok, son of Urthog investigates a rumored Mo'Kai presence in the catacombs of the Alliance building, and fights Mo'Kai forces with his allies. Their standoff with J'Ula is interrupted when her housemate Aakar, son of Aakan, betrays her. Aakar transports himself and J'Ula's mycelial weapon aboard J'mpok's Antaak-class battlecruiser, and they fire the weapon at Khitomer City. J'Ula and Martok, now allows, race to escape the compound while their Alliance partner evacuates injured survivors. J'mpok blames the attack on Khitomer on J'Ula, and battle ensues as Alliance forces side with the Klingon loyalists against Martok and J'Ula.
  • "Partisans"
    • J'Ula, Martok and Adet'pa, another member of House Mo'Kai, travel with their Alliance partner to Nimbus III to seek allies. They raid the former House of Torg stronghold and publish the evidence that J'mpok and Aakar fired the weapon at Khitomer. Disillusioned with both contenders, the forces of the Klingon Empire disband to instead support their own houses, including Gorn, Nausicaans and Orions. J'mpok returns to Qo'noS, dissolves the Klingon High Council and declares himself Emperor of the Klingon Empire.
  • "Knowledge is Power"
    • The Allies travel to Boreth, repel Klingon rebels, and transport J'Ula, Martok and Adet'pa to the Boreth Monastery. They meet with Tenavik, and J'Ula embarks on a spiritual quest. They are waylaid by Aakar and his warriors but repel them. In visions of the future, J'Ula sees Loyalists devastate the planet Qo'noS with mycelial weapons, and a female Klingon hero rising from a fiery pit. Tenavik leads the party to a pit in the monastery, from which he raises the cloned body of his mother, L'Rell. She is lifeless because her soul resides in the afterlife.

Gowron, son of M'Rel in Ko'th.

  • "Leap of Faith"
    • The Allies meditate to enter Gre'thor but arrive in Ko'th instead. Ko'th is limbo, the place in between. They meet the dead chancellor Gowron, son of M'Rel, who has been stuck in Ko'th due to the dishonor of his ancestor: Aakar. The Allies strike a deal with Gowron. He would rather suffer existence in Gre'thor than eternal boredom in Ko'th. In Gre'thor, they find J'Ula, who traded places with her lover Voq. J'Ula negotiates with Fek'Lhr to free L'Rell's soul and receive J'mpok's and Aakar's in return. The former chancellor Gowron remains behind as deposit/pledge. Back on Boreth, the Fek'Ihri attack the planet. Tenavik returns L'Rell's old ship to her, the IKS K't'inga, the first D7 class battlecruiser. Aakar destroys J'Ula's ship, the IKS Lukara, with a computer virus.
  • "Warriors of the Empire"
    • J'Ula, Adet'pa and Martok support other houses under pressure from Loyalists in order to build a faction that can oppose J'mpok. J'Ula seeks redemption for the crimes she committed, with L'Rell by her side as redeemer.
  • "To Die With Honor"
    • The Allies support a besieged house at Forcas III.
  • "Redemption over Qu'Vat"
    • J'Ula returns to Qu'Vat, which still reels from an attack attributed to her. She seeks redemption.
  • "Jailbreak at Rura Penthe"
    • Martok leads a mission to liberate political allies from Rura Penthe.
  • "A Day Long Remembered"
    • The Allied forces attack the Loyalists over Qo'noS. With the fleets embroiled in battle, J'Ula's party beams to the Great Hall and fights through Aakar's defences and technological gadgets. Aakar and J'mpok are killed before the Emperor can trigger a bomb placed on Qo'noS by Starfleet and Section 31 in 2257 that can obliterate the planet's surface. J'Ula is called out as chancellor but she feels that she is not the right warrior for this position, and hands the Sword of Kahless to L'Rell, the former and new Klingon chancellor, thus ending the Klingon Civil War.

Related content

  • "Best Served Cold"
    • In this task force operation (TFO), The Alliance combats Aakar's forces as they jailbreak prisoners at Rura Penthe.
  • "Remain Klingon"
    • This TFO place during "A Day Long Remembered" and focuses on the orbital battle happening while J'Ula and J'mpok fight on the surface.
  • limited time events: These are weeks-long events where daily completion of the featured TFO or missions awards unique items from the Klingon Civil War.
    • A House Divided event: Red Angel suit
    • The Widening Gyre event: Imperial rift set
    • Best Served Cold event: nanopulse war targ
    • Best Served Cold second event: Molor's flaming sword
    • 11 Year anniversary event: Temer Alliance Raider starship
    • Only Qo'noS Endures event: Imperial assault set



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