Klingon Defense Force Command Headquarters was a structure that housed Klingon Defense Force Command, the central authority of the Klingon Defense Force. It was located in the First City on Qo'noS in a plaza overlooking the Qam-Chee River, approximately one half qelI'qam from the Great Hall. One of its key features was its qaDrav, a platform at the center of the plaza where challenges were traditionally issued and fought.

The surviving captains of the mission to the Kavrot sector gathered at Command Headquarters in late 2376 to brief General Kriz and receive new orders. Shortly afterwards, Captain Klag was brought to the Command Headquarters qa'Drav to face a challenge by Kurn, son of Mogh (known to Klag as Rodek). (KE novel: A Burning House)

In 2409, a Fek'Ihri Horde force attacked the KDF headquarters when they returned from Gre'thor. Fek'Ihri Horde leader D'Jar led the assault on the ground. Chancellor J'mpok was present. The building suffered damage and fires blazed in rooms and corridors. The KDF dispatched teams to kill the Fek'Ihri. J'mpok was outraged that an enemy had managed to strike at the heart of the Klingon Empire. STO - Fek'Ihri Return mission: "Blood of the Empire")

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