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The first edition of this book used the title Ship Recognition Manual: Klingons.

First edition contents

Second edition contents

Klingon names are in Klingonaase.

Combat Vessels

Assault Ships
  • D7 class
    • D7A variant K't'agga ("Painbringer") The earliest and most numerous version; the classic TOS Klingon battle cruiser.
    • D7C variant K't'kara ("Bringer of Destiny") An unsuccessful attempt to improve the original design (upgunned but underpowered).
    • D7G variant K't'alla ("Truthbringer") The rarest variant, utilizing exchanged Romulan plasma weapons technology (considered unsuccessful).
    • D7M variant K't'inga ("Bringer of Destruction") The improved D7 first seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
    • D7R variant K't'rika ("Bringer of Agony") A second, better attempt at utilizing Romulan plasma weaopns technology, including a cloaking device and other improvements over the D7G.
    • D7S variant K't'mara ("Bringer of Justice") The "latest model" of the basic design, a marginal improvement over the K't'inga. Some examples are outfitted with a cloaking device.
  • D4 class D'ama ("Predator")
  • D9 class Z'gal ("Seeker")
  • D10 class Riskadh (Linename of Emperor Kahless the Unforgettable)
  • D20 class ("Death Rite")
  • D32 class Z'gavva ("Stronger Bird") This is a Klingon Bird-of-Prey with no canon equivalent.
  • K23 class Talat kh'exesta ("Little Killer")
  • K24 class Kom ka'des ("Winner")
  • K27 class Mortum hesta ("Grim Reaper")
  • L6 class T'h'lar ("Defender")
  • L9 class Sivista ("Saber")
  • L42 class Z'gavasta ("Great Bird") This roughly corresponds to the canon K'vort class.
  • K14 class Tas'esta ("Pathmaker")
  • K17 class Z'mortama ("Deathstalker")
  • K15 class L'rexa ("Unseen Creeper")
  • K22 class D'Gavama ("Bird of Prey") This corresponds to the canon B'rel class.

Support Vessels

  • G3 class Baka Re' ("Pregnant")
  • G8 class Plen zha ("Traders Game")
  • G5 class Qexa ("Tugboat")
  • G6 class Besz ra'te' ("Catapult")
  • W2 class Koreba
  • W4 class Kas maal ("Speedstar")

Repair Vessels and Facilities

Mobile Repair Faclities

Orbital and Deep Space Stations

Defense Outposts




Races and cultures

States and organizations

Other references

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Some designs and names introduced in this book were revived and reused in the computer game Legacy.