In the Kelvin timeline, the Klingon Outlaw was a 23rd century Klingon starship, a hostile interceptor in Klingon Empire service in the 2260s decade. Its commanding officer was the outlaw Mokgar. (TOS video game: Fleet Command mission "Excess")

Service history and dispositionEdit

In the 2260s, the Klingon Outlaw frequented Klingon territory near the Neutral Zone, a disputed space between the major powers.

In the year 2262, Mokgar sabotaged the impulse engines of Kras's ship. Kras considered Mokgar a petulant worm, but he crossed the line with the sabotage, grounding Kras's ship at Nu'Daq Station in Khitomer's orbit. Kras likened this tactic to a Ferengi scheme, and he knew that Mokgar remained in the Khitomer system. Kras hired and directed an Independent mercenary to the planets. They found Mokgar's Klingon Outlaw ship in orbit of Fek'lhr. The noose tightened around the neck of the outlaw, and Kras wanted that k'pekt eliminated. The Independent destroyed the Klingon Outlaw in battle, fulfilling Kras's request. Kras held up his side of the bargain and paid the mercenary. (TOS video game: Fleet Command mission "Excess")



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