Klingon Space Station

A Klingon space station.

In the year 2285, this space station was the base for Klingon raiders, who were attacking Federation space. The USS Enterprise discovered the station when the Enterprise followed two Klingon battle cruisers through a wormhole. Admiral James T. Kirk sent the shuttlecraft Galileo III as a decoy, so that he could infiltrate the station. (TOS comic: "The Wormhole Connection")

The station was under the command of Koloth. The station existed in the wormhole through the use of a wormhole stabilizer device. The Galileo III was brought into the station, after being captured by Klingon attack shuttlecraft. Admiral Kirk and Nancy Bryce infiltrated the station, and destroyed the device. The station phased back into normal space. Koloth destroyed the station rather than to surrender it to the Enterprise. (TOS comic: "... The Only Good Klingon...")

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