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Klingonese refers to the languages of the Klingon people. This includes the dialects klingonaase and tlhIngan Hol.

In 2369, Benjamin Sisko talked with a Klingon woman aboard station Deep Space 9. When she asked him, in Klingon, whether he understood, he replied in the affirmative in Federation standard that he did understand some Klingon. (DS9 video game: Crossroads of Time)

The term "Klingonese" was first used in the TOS episode: "The Trouble with Tribbles", while the term "tlhIngan Hol" was coined by Marc Okrand, who is also responsible for much of the language as used on film and in print.

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All terms are in the format of Generally used spelling = tlhIngan Hol phonetic spelling.

Ship names



  • Kronos = Qo'noS
    • First City = veng wa'DIch
    • Vospeg = voSpegh
    • Sakrej = Sa'Qej
    • Krotmag = Qotmagh
    • Ruk'evet = ruq'e'vet
    • Gevchok = ghevchoq
    • Tak'ev = taq'ev
    • No'hvadut = noHva'Dut
    • Mekro'vak = meqro'vaq
    • Kling = tlhIng
  • Praxis = pIraqSIS
  • Khitomer = QI'tomer
  • Rura Penthe = rura' pente'



Ship types



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