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Alphabetical list of Klingonese glossary
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tlhIngan Hol imperative verb meaning "to fire"; as in to fire a weapon. (TOS movie: The Motion Picture , TOS movie: The Search for Spock)
Klingonese term referring to the concept of honor. It can be used either as a noun ("honor") or as an adverb ("honorably, in an honored fashion"). (TNG novelization: All Good Things...; DS9 episode: "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."; ST reference: The Klingon Dictionary)
See also: quv.
bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh 
tlhIngan Hol term meaning "surrender or die". It is literally translated "If you do not surrender then you will die". Captain Klaa repeated this phrase during a mind meld with Spock, as a challenge to his perceived enemies. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Blood-Dimmed Tide)
tlhIngan Hol word for "water". It is often used to symbolize weakness, in contrast to blood ('Iw) which symbolizes strength. (ST reference: The Klingon Way)
bIQ bal 
tlhIngan Hol for "water jug". In some households, it is traditional to keep a well-filled jug of water at the entrance of one's house, to quench the thirst of warriors when they return from battle. (ST video game: Star Trek: Klingon)
bIQ ngaS HIvje'lIj. 
One of many tlhIngan Hol expressions involving water. This one literally translates as "Your cup contains water.", though the implied meaning is "You've got it all wrong." (ST reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)
blue lights
Klingon slang term, roughly translated as "that's right". Similar to the English expression "green light". (TOS novel: The Final Reflection)
tlhIngan Hol word for croupier. (DSC episode: "Will You Take My Hand?")
tlhIngan Hol word which translates to "dirt under one's fingernails". However, it is also used metaphorically to mean "gall", "brazenness" or "chutzpah". Saying that somebody lacks butlh is a grave insult, suggesting that they live a very clean and comfortable life, which conflicts with the Klingon warrior ethos. (Klingon culture reference: The Klingon Way, The Klingon Hamlet)
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