Star Trek - Klingons: Blood Will Tell was a five part comic miniseries published by IDW Publishing, their second miniseries and their first TOS comics after their debut TNG miniseries The Space Between. The series was the first Star Trek project by Scott & David Tipton and was illustrated by David Messina, the writer/artist team have gone on to make several other Star Trek comics for IDW.


There are two sides to every argument, and this special collection looks at some of the most famous encounters between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire - from the Klingon perspective! Star Trek fans are used to the Klingons responding with "swift and blinding violence," and now the creative team that brought you Angel: Auld Lang Syne will show us why. Also includes a cover gallery by series artist David Messina and variant cover artist Joe Corroney.


Untold generations ago, Kahless the Unforgettable defeated his enemies and founded the glorious Klingon Empire. Imparting to his people the laws of honor. Upon his departure, he said to them "You are Klingons. You need no one but yourselves." But times change...

The series looked at some of the most famous encounters between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, from the Klingon's point-of-view. Each issue looked at a different TOS episode with a framing story arc set around the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country tying the series together. Episodes featured were "Errand of Mercy", "The Trouble with Tribbles", "A Private Little War" and "Day of the Dove".

The first issue was also be available translated into Klingonese by Marc Okrand and the Klingon Language Institute, including a script in English for non-Klingon readers.

The complete miniseries was printed in an omnibus book in November 2007 which included the Klingon language edition of the first issue and a gallery of the numerous covers for the series.

None of the issues (with the exception of the English script in the Klingon language edition of the first issue) had their titles published within the comic book, nor did the titles appear in the omnibus edition. Fortunately one of the writers, Scott Tipton provided the titles for all the issues on IDW's message boards.


Title Against Their Nature Beneath the Skin The Order of Things Blood Reign O'er Me Losses
Scott & David Tipton
David Messina
25 April 2007
21 May 2007
3 July 2007
1 August 2007
5 September 2007
Cover A
(David Messina)
Blood Will Tell 4a
Blood Will Tell 5a
Cover B
Blood Will Tell 4b
Blood Will Tell 5b
Retail incentive cover
Mugato cover
Blood Will Tell 4c
Blood Will Tell 5c
Retail incentive cover
(Joe Corroney without titles)
Klingons Blood Will Tell 1
Blood Will Tell 3-Corroney
"Errand of Mercy"
"The Trouble with Tribbles"
"A Private Little War"
"Day of the Dove"
The Undiscovered Country

Each issue of the series was available in at least three covers. The A cover throughout series was by David Messina, however the B cover varied between Joe Corroney covers or photo-covers. The more limited availability retail incentive cover for each issue was typically the alternate B cover (eg. a photo-cover if a Corroney cover had been used for B and visa-versa), with the exception of the second issue which had a sketch version of the Corroney cover rather than any photo-cover. The first and third issues had an additional retail incentive cover, featuring the Joe Corroney artwork without any titles. On top of that the first issue was also issued with second photo-cover, exclusive to Comics Pro, and two additional covers for the Klingon language edition.

Additional "Against Their Nature" covers


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