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Kobali City

City skyline.

Kobali City was a settlement on Kobali Prime, a city and capital of the Kobali people since the 2320s decade. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "The Kobali Front")


Before the fall of the Vaadwaur Supremacy in 1484 by an alliance of opponents, an underground facility was placed near the future location of Kobali City. The vault contained numerous Vaadwaur in suspended animation inside stasis pods. (STO - "Kobali Crisis Act I" mission: "The Temple of my People")

When the nomadic Kobali people detected these, they settled the planet, circa 2320. Because they reproduce by transforming corpses into living Kobali, finding the abandoned Vaadwaur stasis pods was a boon to the Kobali. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "The Kobali Front") They placed turned the vault into the Kobali Temple. (STO - "Kobali Crisis Act I" mission: "The Temple of my People")

With the return of Iconian-backed Vaadwaur in 2409, the Supremacy began a ground warfare campaign against the Kobali, and besieged the temple and the city. (STO - "Kobali Crisis Act I" missions: "The Kobali Front", "The Cavalry")


Kobali Prime Warzone

Kobali Prime Warzone map.

The city included skyscrapers. Architectural design was open to let in sunlight, and uniform. Buildings were clad in shades of purple, favored by the Kobali for their artificial constructs and vaguely resembling their skin color.

General Q'Nel maintained his office in the city. A training facility for the Kobali Defense soldiers had been hastily erected.

Since 2409, the region surrounding and including the city was called the Kobali Prime Warzone, due to the ongoing conflict with the Vaadwaur.

The city proper and its outskirts were separated by a Kobali river. The Western and Eastern Outskirts were bisected by a path leading to the Kobali Temple. The cost of a sea lay towards the east, and mountains made up the north of the warzone. (STO - "Kobali Crisis Act II" mission: "Looming Shadows")

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