Ty Kajada, a Kobliad female.

The Kobliad are a humanoid species from the Alpha Quadrant with a broad naso-cranial ridge.

In the 2360s, the entire Kobliad population was dying and required deuridium to stabilize their cell structure and prolong their lifespan. By 2369, the United Federation of Planets had begun supplying them with the substance, although the rarity of the substance made this difficult. The large amount of deuridium found in the Gamma Quadrant soon after the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole was unable to help the entire Kobliad population.

Some Kobliad turned to smuggling and piracy to obtain deuridium. One such individual was Rao Vantika, who was on his way to Deep Space 9 to hijack a shipment from the Gamma Quadrant when he died. Transferring his consciousnesses into Julian Bashir, Vantika and his associates boarded the freighter, although the DS9 crew were able to disrupt Vantika's control of Bashir with a electromagnetic pulse. (DS9 episode: "The Passenger")

The speech of some Kobliad, such as the USS Titan's Fo Hachesa, can be difficult for some to understand. (TTN novels: The Red King, Orion's Hounds)

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