For the primary universe counterpart, see Kodos.

In the mirror universe, Kodos (also known as Kodos the Wise) was a Terran male who lived during the 23rd century.


Mirror Universe TrilogyEdit

In 2246, Kodos was the governor of Tarsus IV. That year, the colony suffered a mass famine caused by the virogen plague and Governor Kodos ordered the execution of 4,000 colonists. However, Kodos was subsequently executed by a 13-year-old James T. Kirk, who led a small gang of children to seize the food warehouses. (ST - Mirror Universe Trilogy novel: Spectre)

Star Trek: Mirror UniverseEdit

Kodos was the Governor of Tarsus IV. In 2269, he was present at a meeting between Empress Hoshi Sato III and Grand Admiral Garth of Izar. In 2277, he was one of the many witnesses of Empress Sato III's disintegration using the Tantalus field and the immediate proclamation of Grand Admiral Spock of the Imperial Starfleet as Emperor. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

Through a Glass, DarklyEdit

Rise to powerEdit

In the early 2250s, Kodos served as the aide of Emperor Stephane Louvin. When Louvin was overthrown during a coup by Captain Garth of Izar, Kodos managed to escape.

In 2274, Kodos became Emperor following the assassination of his predecessor, Harry Mudd. Kodos was selected by a conservative faction of the Imperial Senate, who opposed the reforms that War Minister Spock and Minister of Vassal Affairs Samuel Cogley had attempted to implement.

Imperial RegimeEdit

Kodos had Spock and Cogley arrested as traitors to the Empire and told them to expect execution shortly after the coronation. However, the execution was prevented by Yevok, the new Vulcan ambassador, who sought a private audience with Kodos and enumerated seven different methods by which his mistress, T'Pau, could smother his rule in its infancy. When Yevok demanded the reinstatement of Spock and Cogley to their posts, a shaken Kodos agreed.

Kodos and the conservative Senators, now led by Gav, would do their best to dismantle Spock's reforms. However, Spock, Cogley and Yevok would build a power base among the many other Senators Gav had annoyed over the years. Spock altered his infrastructure program so that graft flowed toward his new senatorial allies. Kodos won some battles, stripping certain colonies of spending projects and newly-granted civil rights, but Spock won others, as his senate bloc spared favored colonies from Kodos' budget-cutting campaign. As Kodos wanted to reinstate military spending while Spock's Senators wanted to continue domestic expenditures, the two factions compromised by spending in both directions. However, this necessitated a massive loan program, with the Empire borrowing heavily from the Ferengi Grand Nagus, causing the value of the credit to fall.

In 2277, Spock authorized Yevok to assassinate Kodos. As a result, Kodos was poisoned by a Vulcan scorpiopede. Following his death, the Senators, of whom a slim majority were on Spock's side, selected Alex Danaher as Emperor. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)


Preceded by:
Harry Mudd
Emperor of the Terran Empire
Succeeded by:
Alex Danaher
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