A map showing Kolaripam on the continent of Oaniru.

Kolaripam, also known as the Sand City, was a ruined Orion city on Rigel VII (Kolar), and the legendary capital of the Thakolarivaj, the Great Orion Empire. It was situated in the south-east of the continent of Oaniru

Kolaripam was the capital of all twelve Orion Empires and had a history stretching back over 200,000 years. The Sand City was sacked and refounded many times over its 200 millennia, but at its heights it was home to a billion people and spread over a thousand kilometers of roads, homes and factories. When it fell for the last time, the sands of the Oaniru Desert covered most of it, though a few towers of crysteel and diburnite, originally kilometers-high, still stretched above the dunes. Despite its ruined state, many Orions, even those in the Vaj with their own capital of Vajripam, thought of the Sand City of Kolaripam as the true capital.

The remaining city was considered dangerous, and some parts had subsided down through six levels of sewers and storehouses. Here, raiders and bandits camped while wild beasts hunted the empty streets (descending from alien creatures that escaped from the Imperial Menageries). Local Kaylar tribes believed the area to be haunted.

East of Kolaripam was the Twelve Emperors mountain range, which bore the carved faces of the greatest rulers of the Thakolarivaj. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

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