The Kolidos Desert is located on the planet Tezwa. During the Dominion War, Prime Minister Kinchawn allowed a nadion-pulse cannon firebase to be built there and at five other locations around the planet.

Sierra Team[edit | edit source]

In 2379, a strike team from the USS Enterprise-E consisting of Lieutenant Jim Peart, engineers Scholz and Morello, and security officer T'Sona parachuted in to destroy the firebase. Unfortunately, about two hundred Tezwan troops were patrolling the area that day in sixteen armed hovercraft, so the team was forced to dig in. Peart and T'Sona managed to briefly commandeer one of the hovercraft, disabling eleven others before the other four returned fire. Three more were disabled using the team's phaser rifles. The crew of the last were stunned by Scholz and Morello. The team took the hovercraft to the nearly-empty firebase, but the surviving troops cut off their escape route. Only by taking the base's only shuttle was the team able to escape. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

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